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Our Story

As a young boy growing up in a small Kansas town, I spent countless hours in my dad's hardware store. It was a one-man operation, except for the numerous times my siblings and I were called into service. We'd sweep, dust, and wait on customers. I loved watching my dad. He was so good with people, and everybody loved him. There were those who bought things they needed, those who came to him for advice on a project they were doing around the house, and those who just wanted to pull up a chair with a cup of coffee and discuss anything from current events to faith in God. My dad probably did more listening than talking. He was so good at that. Every so often he'd give his opinion on something but never in a disrespectful tone. You see, to my dad, it was the relationship that mattered more than any difference of opinion. At Brew 56, we hope to provide a place where relationships and community can be shared. There's nothing like sharing good conversation with your favorite "brew." My dad's was black coffee. We invite you to discover yours at Brew 56. And, of course, bring a friend. It will taste better that way. 

  Mark Clark - Owner

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